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You've reached the website for Arch Linux3d太湖钓叟三字谜, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.

Currently we have official packages optimized for the x86-64 architecture. We complement our official package sets with a community-operated package repository3d太湖钓叟三字谜 that grows in size and quality each and every day.

Our strong community is diverse and helpful, and we pride ourselves on the range of skillsets and uses for Arch that stem from it. Please check out our and mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki3d太湖钓叟三字谜 if you want to learn more about Arch.

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Latest News

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sshd needs restarting after upgrading to openssh-8.2p1


After upgrading to openssh-8.2p1, the existing SSH daemon will be unable to accept new connections. (See .) When upgrading remote hosts, please make sure to restart the SSH daemon using systemctl restart sshd right after running pacman -Syu3d太湖钓叟三字谜. If you are upgrading to openssh-8.2p1-3 or higher, this restart will happen automatically.

rsync compatibility


Our rsync package was shipped with bundled zlib to provide compatibility with the old-style --compress option up to version 3.1.0. Version 3.1.1 was released on 2014-06-22 and is shipped by all major distributions now.

So we decided to finally drop the bundled library and ship a package with system zlib. This also fixes security issues, actual ones and in future. Go and blame those running old versions if you encounter errors with rsync 3.1.3-3.

Now using Zstandard instead of xz for package compression


3d太湖钓叟三字谜as announced on the , on friday, dec 27 2019, our package compression scheme has changed from xz (.pkg.tar.xz) to .

3d太湖钓叟三字谜zstd and xz trade blows in their compression ratio. recompressing all packages to zstd with our options yields a total ~0.8% increase in package size on all of our packages combined, but the decompression time for all packages saw a ~1300% speedup.

we already have more than 545 zstd-compressed packages in our repositories, and as packages get updated more will keep rolling in. we have not found any user-facing issues as of yet, so things …

Xorg cleanup requires manual intervention


in the process of the update requires manual intervention when you hit this message:

:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'inputproto' required by lib32-libxi
:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'dmxproto' required by libdmx
:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'xf86dgaproto' required by libxxf86dga
:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'xf86miscproto' required by libxxf86misc

when updating, use: pacman -Rdd libdmx libxxf86dga libxxf86misc && pacman -Syu3d太湖钓叟三字谜 to perform the upgrade.

primus_vk>=1.3-1 update requires manual intervention


the primus_vk package prior to version 1.3-1 was missing some soname links. this has been fixed in 1.3-1 so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked soname links. if you get an error like:

primus_vk: /usr/lib/libnv_vulkan_wrapper.so.1 exists in filesystem
primus_vk: /usr/lib/libprimus_vk.so.1 exists in filesystem

when updating, use:

pacman -Syu --overwrite=/usr/lib/libnv_vulkan_wrapper.so.1,/usr/lib/libprimus_vk.so.1

to perform the upgrade.

Older News

New kernel packages and mkinitcpio hooks
Clarification regarding recent email activity on the arch-announce list
Required update to recent libarchive
`base` group replaced by mandatory `base` package - manual intervention required
astyle>=3.1-2 update requires manual intervention
tensorflow>=1.14.0-5 update requires manual intervention
libbloom>=1.6-2 update requires manual intervention
mariadb 10.4.x update requires manual intervention
libutf8proc>=2.1.1-3 update requires manual intervention
js52 52.7.3-2 upgrade requires intervention

Recent Updates (more)

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shellcheck 0.7.0-137 x86_64
pandoc-crossref x86_64
pandoc-citeproc x86_64
pandoc 2.9.2-10 x86_64
hlint 2.2.9-1 x86_64
haskell-sbv 8.6-13 x86_64
haskell-ipynb 0.1-124 x86_64
haskell-hakyll x86_64
haskell-ghc-lib-parser-ex x86_64
haskell-aeson-diff x86_64
cryptol 2.8.0-51 x86_64
stack x86_64
postgrest 6.0.2-57 x86_64
haskell-text-builder x86_64
haskell-rerebase 1.4.1-27 x86_64
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